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                 SINGAPORE AIRFREIGHT DIRECTORY 2022/2023
 of freighter aircraft, committed to a total of 29 Airbus A330 Passenger-to-Freighter (P2F) conversion slots with Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW), center of excellence for Airbus freighter conversions and a joint venture between ST Engineering and Airbus. The commitment reflects a strategic step by ATSG to diversify its existing in-service fleet of 117 aircraft with the addition of next-generation widebody freighters.
To meet the rising demand for freighter conversions, ST Engineering and EFW are setting up new conversion sites in China and the U.S. this year, and are ramping up
conversion capacity for all their Airbus P2F programmes to over 60 slots per year by 2024.
On 15 July 2022, Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW) and ST Engineering delivered the world’s first Airbus A320P2F (Passenger-to-Freighter) to its launch customer Vaayu in Singapore. The aircraft will join the other Airbus P2F versions already in operation: the A321P2F, the A330- 200P2F and the A330-300P2F. The delivery comes at a ripe time as demand for converted freighters continues to surge. The aircraft will be part of the fleet of Pradhaan Air Express, a new cargo airline in India and a sub-lessee of Vaayu. A second aircraft is scheduled to
join later this year. The A320P2F, owned by ST Engineering’s aviation asset management business division, is the first of several converted freighters to be leased to Vaayu.

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