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Bridging E ective Connections
Creating Invigorating Experiences
Good, Better, Best
We want to lead and transform
the Airfreight Industry to meet
the International Challenges and be a National showcase of Aviation Logistics Capabilities.
P assion: For continuous self-improvement.
A ce: In innovation and delivering consistent excellence. C ommitment: To roll great service and strive for change.
T rust: In our Partners and engaging in future collaborations.
The Singapore Aircargo Agents Association (SAAA) was founded in 1971 with six pioneer members. As a representative of freight fowarders in the industry, SAAA was formed with the aim of advocating the following objectives:
To promote, protect and develop the business of carriage of goods by air transportation in general and the aircargo fowarding business in particular.
SAAA@Singapore Section

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