Message by Chairman, PBM, SAAA@Singapore

SAD2223 MS01_Pix01 Perseverance. Determination. Diligence to compliance and confidence to strive forward.

Survival had been at the forefront of our minds as the crisis delivered us the onslaught of challenges. We had fought hard together and felt the strain and it is through such tenacity that the industrial strength of our Community had shone so brightly in such trying periods.

Our Community had been in the spotlight on an international level. We were under incessant bombardment with the episode of the terminal congestion, manpower shortages and massive delays amidst the rapid spread of COVID-19 infections. The World watched us as we grappled with the situation and that, in itself, had turned into a valuable lesson for ourselves.

The experience had sparked change. It brought out the best in us. We have become much more united, resilient, stronger, supportive and aligned with one another than ever before. Our communication have opened up and that enables better efficiency in our operations.

Now, our borders have reopened and just as our Little Red Dot wants to make its Changi Airport pandemic proof with capacity adjustments, likewise, we will reassess long-term prospects for our future industrial developments and businesses.

I am glad that our community had tapped on the COVID-19 governmental support initiatives, as well as being proactive in the adoption of technology to remain competitive and connected. SAAA@Singapore will continue to update our Community of future initiatives.

Physical social events are returning, bringing back a part of normalcy that we have missed so much. Larger crowds. Peals of merry laughter. Bright smiles on our faces as we greet each other. I look forward to meeting you at our Association’s future physical events. Who knows? We might even advance to hybrid events. Friends, our journey continues!

Stay Safe.

Mr Steven Lee
Chairman, PBM, SAAA@Singapore