Message by Chairman, PBM, SAAA@Singapore

SAD2223 MS01_Pix01 The enduring reality of the Aging Singapore is becoming increasingly apparent as by 2026, Singapore will become what the United Nations defines as “super aged”, with those aged 65 and above forming 21 per cent of the population. This signifies our need for adaptation to stay economically vibrant through workforce growth and productivity drive.

The key drivers constitute on the need for digital automation to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs. The concepts of workforce transformation, job redesign, and reskilling emerged recently, and it’s a source of pride for SAAA to have been appointed as the Program Partner for Air Transport by Workforce Singapore (WSG).

This appointment enables us to provide salary funding support, contributing to the advancement of the workforce. Together, let’s continue to overcome adversity and achieve significant change.

This year, I have witnessed increased in-person attendance at each event and that has been gratifying. These gatherings fostered fruitful discussions and the establishment of new contacts. We can share on our industry best practices and learn from one another to harness on the opportunity for digital advancements. Recognizing the importance of communication in thriving relationships, we are committed to moving forward in close collaboration with our stakeholders, strategic partners, and other associations, with the goal of providing engaging sessions, staying abreast of industry trends, and elevating local air cargo performance standards.

Numerous businesses are actively honing their strategies, with some expanding beyond local borders in search of growth and marketing prospects. Establishing a robust presence poses a challenge, and exhibitions are instrumental

in addressing this. Through collaboration with Enterprise Singapore, we have facilitated cost savings for our logistics community to participate in such exhibitions. It brings me satisfaction that several of our members enthusiastically engaged in the recent exhibition, “Transport logistic and air cargo Southeast Asia 2023,” resulting in the acquisition of new leads.

As we gaze into 2024, SAAA will present another opportunity in an upcoming exhibition for those intrigued by this venture. Let’s not overlook the imperative of sustainability! The Singapore Green Plan 2030, also known as the Green Plan, is a nationwide initiative driving Singapore’s sustainable development agenda. Within the Air Transport Industry Transformation Map (ITM) 2025, a key focus is steering decarbonization efforts for more sustainable air travel. This marks the beginning of a new journey that we eagerly anticipate embarking on with you, commencing with a Plant a Tree event!

Mr Steven Lee
Chairman, PBM, SAAA@Singapore